ODINPool.com is closing withdrawals per 20th of December 2019 and will go offline by 31st of December 2019. Make sure to withdraw all your coins before that date and don't transfer more coins.

Privacy Policy

Our believe in privacy is one of the main reasons we're so enthusiastic about ODIN Ecosystem. Therefore, we go about your privacy with the greatest care. We only save some personal data for your account's security purposes. These data include a non-reversable hash of your IP-address when you perform certain account actions like withdrawal requests. This hash is then used in a process to confirm that you, and only you, performed this action. If you choose to provide us with an e-mail address, we also save that in order to send you mails according to your security settings.

Your data is your data

We don't sell or give away your data to any other party. Neither will we ourselves use it for anything else than the features provided to you through ODINPool.com.